In celebration of British Science Week, local STEM Ambassador, Ahrani Logan, shares a bluffer’s guide to all things scientific


16 March 2016 by Ahrani Logan | City Kids Magazine
I was recently speaking with a few parents and I realised that although some had heard of something called STEM and STEAM, many still had not. If you have time to watch the news, in between madly parenting, or parenting madly, you might already know about this increasingly popular acronym which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The extra “A” in STEAM stands for Arts

And it’s been in the news for a number of important reasons. So in honour of this week of science I bring to you a Top 10 of the latest in STEM and STEAM that will have you all clued up in no time. So do grab a cup of caffeine or a glass of vino, depending on what time you are reading this and let us begin… Continue Reading