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Check out our latest collaboration with GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS on their latest book WILD THINGS, launched October 2018.

We bring you “Bugs To Life”!

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EXPLORE & DISCOVER STEAM with our exciting New range of Augmentified products. Our debut product is a MULTI-AWARD-WINNER! AugmentifyIt® SPACE cards Won the GOLD AWARD for BEST SCIENCE TOY 2017 in the prestigious MADEFORMUM TOY AWARDS; a LONDON TOY FAIR HERO 2018 and COMMENDED FOR EDUCATION in the Independent Toy Store Awards! AugmentifyIt® products were Shortlisted for a Junior Design Award for Best Toy Design 2018.

AugmentifyIt® ELEMENTS – The Periodic Table Of Me won the prestigious Made For Mums BRONZE Toy Award for Best Science Toy 2018.

 ‘It’s very easy to play with these. Tristan love the 3D aspect you get with the app and enjoys playing the quiz with his brother. Really impressed with this. They were both busy for 2 hours!’ Alex, mum to Tristan, 10
‘We like that there are different ways to play, such as using the app for a quiz to test what you’ve learned from using the cards, or just using them as flash cards to browse.’ Anna, mum to Ziyad, 10



AugmentifyIt® OCEAN – Launched at New Scientist Live! 2018. Won the prestigious Made For Mums GOLD Toy Award 2019. An AMAZON’S CHOICE product. Five Star Reviews. Explore and dive deep into the world of the Ocean. See Ocean animals come to life with AugmentifyIt® AR. Learn facts and play the quiz to test your knowledge. Whether its a sea turtle or octopus, or a walrus or a shark, there is something for everyone in this exciting new pack!

“Excellent resource for the classroom.”

“The Ocean AR Cards did not disappoint, there were gasps of amazement from our 9 year old daughter, she loves them.”

Take a trip back in time and meet up close DINOSAURS & Prehistoric Creatures with AugmentifyIt® AR.

AugmentifyIt® DINOSAURS & Prehistoric Creatures is the latest card pack from multi-award-winning AugmentifyIt® 


AugmentifyIt AR DINOSAURS and Prehistoric Creatures

IMMERSE in the combined worlds of physical and digital play with our specially created, multi-award-winning Augmentified educational STEAM tech toy range.
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“Great item, ideal for Home Education and expanding on Space themes. Bought for Christmas, but have to say they will be used before then as they are too good to be kept waiting.” AJ Groombridge

“Saw these at a science event at school. They are really cool and make a great gift. Need to download the app but this is simple. Very effective.” Annette Spicer

“Our family is enjoying this quiz game. It is excellent for children who are interested in science and space. My 8 year old boy cannot put it down and my 5 year old girl seems to be learning as well. Easy to use out of the box, no learning curve required. Great for busy parents who want to be involved with board games but trying juggling multiple things at once.” SG

“This is one of the coolest thing I’ve seen for a while. It’s not just for kids, it’s great as an adult as well. Have bought myself a pack and also bought for my nephew and niece.” S Patel

“Bought this for my son who absolutely loves it. The first time he saw the planets pop out he was so excited and he really loves the quiz questions. Great toy for any space / science loving kids.” Amazon Customer

“Absolutely brilliant” Dan

“Amazing cards that really increase the knowledge on space for children and adults alike! I completely recommend these and they would make a great gift!” Colin Brooke

“What a brilliant way to teach young minds and make them appreciate the STEAM subjects! My space obsessed eight year old absolutely loved it and the app is child friendly too. Perfect gift for kids (and grown ups).” S Andrades

“Bought these cards for my 7 and 5 year olds and they loved it! They love using it with the app, lots of learning with lots of fun. Highly recommend them.” Nisha N

“Such an amazing idea and product. It is brilliant the way it brings space to life and my kids love it. Have also referred it to my daughters school as I think it will be a great addition to any science lesson at school. Can’t wait for more card topics ”

Charlotte Newlands


“Excellent educational resource! I’m planning to use this in a STEM club to launch a topic on Space. Great resource, easy and intuitive. I imagine I’ll get quite a few ooh’s and aahs when the planets pop out of the cards!”  Amazon review

“I bought this for my friend’s two children and they absolutely LOVE it! I’m a teacher and think this an amazing educational tool, while at the same time being great fun for children. I would definitely recommend it, not only if you want to buy it as a parent (or for your friend’s children!), but also if you are a teacher. Great resource to use in the classroom which adds an advanced dimension to your science lessons!”  Rhian

“Very easy to use straight out of the box and I tested them with Y1, 3 & 5 in school. For all groups the children were naturally drawn together to share learning and Y5 really started to ask questions about how they work and what they would like to see next, along with all the space inspired talk. A great addition at low cost for any space themed STEAM learning.”  C Robinson

“Excellent resource for the classroom. Generated loads of activity and engagement from our KS1 children who absolutely loved the pack and help generate lots of discussion (and fun). Definitely recommend.”  Al Kingsley

“They are Fun and Educational, with a Quiz to enlighten information about the Oceans. I wish Learning had been this much fun when I as that age!. These are very good value and we use them for our Learning Projects at Home too as they encourage inquiry and independent learning, they really are the Gift that goes on giving.”  Home Educator

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