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What is AugmentifyIt®? 

AugmentifyIt® is a FREE special augmented reality (AR) app that brings 21st Century learning to life, combining the worlds of physical and digital play.
We make complex technology simple to bring you engaging and enriching learning experiences designed to fuel curiosity and empower young minds.
We specialize in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM)

Who is it for? 

It’s for ages 3 to infinity ∞! The AugmentifyIt® app is designed to be used with specially created STEAM toys that grow with you! It is also designed to work for teachers.

Where Does it Work? 

Anywhere with a wifi or data connection (data rates may apply)

How Does it Work? 

Augmented Reality (AR) technology. You can access exclusive Augmentified content by using the app with specially created AugmentifyIt® products

What is Augmented Reality (AR)? 

AR is a technology that takes digital content, such as animations or video and overlays it onto the physical, or real world, around us. The AugmentifyIt® app has been built to unlock these extra content experiences to enrich and empower users with STEAM learning. The app is specially programmed to recognize official AugmentifyIt® products. The app will not work with non-official or other non-AugmentifyIt® goods

Is it Easy to Use? 

Yes! 1, 2, 3, GO!

1. Download the FREE AugmentifyIt® app on your device

2. Point your device at special AugmentifyIt® powered products, filling the screen with the Augmentified image you wish to bring to life

3. Enjoy! You have now unlocked your digital content. Have fun and discover Play To Learn!

Where Can I Download the AugmentifyIt® App?  

DOWNLOAD on the App Store for Apple devices
DOWNLOAD on Google Play for Android devices

DOWNLOAD on Amazon for Android devices (Fire tablet)

How Much Does It Cost? 

The App is FREE! There are No In App purchases either
All you need to enjoy the AugmentifyIt® app are the official AugmentifyIt® products

Will My Device Be Compatible? 

The AugmentifyIt® app has been designed to work with most Apple devices. We are working hard to extend the range all the time. Check current compatibility:
Apple iPhone 6 and newer models
Apple iPad 3 and newer models
Apple iPhone and iPad devices with iOS 8 and later

Blackberry and Windows phones are currently not supported

Do I Need to Sign Up to Use the App? 

No, Just Sign Up and GO! 

But if you want to stay ahead with product releases, special offers, awesome competitions and events, get in touch!

We won’t share your details with anyone and we promise not to spam you!

How Many Products Are There? 

The educational and fun AugmentifyIt® STEAM product range will be ever growing..

Sign up if you would like to be amongst the first to know

Where Can I Get AugmentifyIt® Products? 

You can SHOP for official AugmentifyIt® products on Amazon UK


Sometimes tech can appear to misbehave. Instead of putting it in the naughty corner, here are some trouble-shooting tips to help you!

The app does not seem to recognize the image on the product. What should I do? 

Always make sure your image is Flat. And well-lit. Good lighting with no glare or shadows will help the AugmentifyIt® App to work it’s best so that you can be free to enjoy and have fun learning with your augmented reality technology

The Play Quiz button does not appear when I first look at the image 

Try moving your device away from the image and moving back to view the image again. Repeat if necessary

I lose the augmented reality when I step away from the image target 

The AR will work when you are near/ close to the image target

Do I still need to be near the image target when I play the quiz? 

You no longer need to be near the image target when you are playing the quiz

The app seems to switch off 

Check that you are viewing just one image card at a time and that there are no other image cards in the background, as seen through your device screen. The app is designed for a one-on-one AR experience with your card of choice

The app does not want to download 

Check your device’s storage capabilities. If you love apps as much as we do, you may need to free up some space to experience learning and play with AugmentifyIt®

The app does not seem to want to open 

Try 1: Re-boot your device. Many tech issues can be solved simply by switching a device off and then on again

Did that help? If not.. 

Try 2: Delete the app and download it again. Remember it’s FREE so you will not be charged for this app re-boot

I have another question 

If you have any questions or want more information on products, feel free to drop us a line at

And last but not least: 


Thank You for Choosing AugmentifyIt®! 

We really value your feedback 

We would love to hear what you think of your augmented reality learning experiences with us and what you might like to see Augmentified in the future! Drop us an e-mail and we look forward to connecting with you soon

You can also share your AugmentifyIt® pictures with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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Thank You from AugmentifyIt®


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